School Counselor, Davis Stuart School

Duties and Responsibilities
The West Virginia Department of Education is seeking a dynamic school counselor to address students'
roadblocks to achievement and to guide them in educational, occupational and life decisions that will impact their development into productive and responsible individuals, duties and responsibilities include the following:

1. Assists in the process of student intake and orientation.
2. Assumes responsibility for educational records including the transfer of records, evaluating students' credits, developing and maintaining grade reports and transcripts, protecting confidentiality of records, and documenting the results of conferences with students.
3. Prepares and sends to the home school of record documentation of any grades and /or credits earned.
4. Prepares and sends to the home school of record an appropriate "Memorandum of Understanding" for junior and senior students as they prepare for graduation.
5. Administers and interprets assessments to aid in finding student strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and interests.
6. Works effectively with the building administrator to coordinate state required assessments.
7. Gathers, analyzes and interprets student data for IPTP, IPP, SAT and MDT meetings.
8. Assists in the coordination of the special education process.
9. Facilitates the implementation of the social skills and transition curriculum.
10. Implements strategies through direct and indirect services to support the delivery of a comprehensive developmental guidance curriculum to students, as set forth in Policy 2315, in the areas of academic, career and personal development.
11. Maintains appropriate balance in the delivery of the guidance program for the guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and system support.
12. Assists host agency staff, when appropriate, concerning crisis intervention needs.
13. Works cooperatively with other educational staff to develop a meaningful and realistic educational/vocational (IPTP/IPP) plan for each student.
14. Facilitates exit planning to assist in transitional services, thus providing linkages to help students re-enter school, work, home and community life.
15. Communicates with other school personnel, family members and other key adults to assist with transition support.
16. Maintains a positive working relationship with education, treatment and the host agency staff.
17. Assumes responsibility for maintenance of continuing education and knowledge of current trends in the profession of school counseling.
18. Complies with the host agency's policies and procedures.
19. Completes and submits all reports required by the Office of Institutional Education Programs in a timely manner.
20. Performs other duties as required by the assigned school principal or administrator.

1. Holds or qualifies for a West Virginia certificate as a school counselor for middle school and high school students as defined by West Virginia State Board Policy 5202.
2. Possesses the knowledge skills and ability to successfully; (a) perform job requirements; (b) work within the special setting of a secure institution; and (c) work as part of a transition team in concert with others.
Closing Date (by 4:
00pm Eastern Daylight Time)
March 15, 2015

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